Monday, November 24, 2008

Fighter Jet Crash

Stunts should have limits.  This was very popular and was broadcasted by many TV channels.

Airbus A319 - Very Fast Crazy Take Off

This is NOT  a military plane but some people should be held responsible for such actions.....

Top 10 fastest aircraft in the world

Yes.... these are fastest Air Crafts..........  


Decide yourself.

Chinese military helicopters

Chinese are not only advancing in other technologies but...........  your opinion... welcome.... 

Apache & Rooivalk Helicopters Comparison

Just look at this cool video.   

Attack Helicopter Comparison

These are most famous attack Helicopters known as ARMOUR KILLERS.

The Top 10 Best Attack Helicopter in the World... an opinion

Looking forward to hear from you although this list is created very carefully.

Best Fighter aircrafts in World... an opinion

You may differ as it depends on men on machine how to use them but this is life of best fighting air crafts based on their qualities.  

MiG-25 vs F-16

Although this is video released by US Defence Department but let us have a look on this.

Comparison of F-16 Falcon and JF-17 Thunder (prototype)

EXPERTS are right..... lay people can not understand why we spend much more on buying expensive equipment!!!!!!!!